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Design of Experiments - 2 days course - Sweden

Design of Experiments - 2 days course - Sweden

$1,570.00 $1,890.00

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16 May 2017 - Malmö - English - $1,570.00 USD
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Design of Experiments

Scientific investigations involve changing a number of controlled variables to direct the response in question towards a desired level. Design of Experiments (DOE) is a rational and cost-effective approach to practical experimentation that allows the effect of variables to be assessed using only the minimum of resources. The course is composed of lectures, demonstrations and computer exercises in software MODDE® based on real life investigations.


    On completion, participants will know how to:

    • Create efficient experimental designs to match the objectives.
    • Analyze experimental data using sound statistical principles
    • Use graphical and statistical tools for understanding
    • Communicate the results in graphical format
    • Use numerical and graphical optimization tools 
    • Understand limitations and possibilities in conflict situations
    • Create follow up experiments when applicable


    Intended for researchers, scientists and engineers from all sectors of industry and academia. Typical applications include product development, process improvement, optimization, validation and quality control. No prior knowledge of statistics is assumed.


    • Understanding the DOE concept
    • Data modeling and diagnostics
    • Create a solid base for decisions
    • Finding the optimal setting

    Design of Experiments (DOE) is the most effective method to achieve product and process efficiency and optimization. MODDE is a state-of-the-art design of experiments software package that is used by scientists, engineers, and statisticians alike to help understand complex processes and products.



    1st day
    9:00 to 17:00

    Focus on how and when should Design of Experiments be used?

    • Problem formulation
    • Selection of goals, factors, responses, type of model and design
    • Properties and analysis of Full factorial designs
    • Evaluation of raw data
    • Regression analysis and model interpretation

    Exercises followed by discussion

    2nd day
    9:00 to 17:00

    Focus on screening and optimization

    • Screening designs, which factors dominate and what are their optimal ranges
    • What to do after screening, optimization or modification of the design
    • Optimization designs, how do we find an optimum?

    Exercises followed by discussion


    Please note that at some course locations you are required to bring your own computer for the exercises. Instructions on how to install the program will be included in the final course information.

    Included in the course fee (+ VAT) is coffee, lunch and course documentation.

    Cancellations received later than two weeks before the course starts will not be refunded. For courses cancelled more than two weeks before the course starts, MKS Instruments AB will retain 10% of the course fee to cover administrative costs and the rest of the amount will be refunded.

    Course participant(s) can be substituted by the registering company as long as MKS Instruments AB is notified.

    MKS Instruments AB are providing courses based on a sufficient number of registrants. Therefore, MKS Instruments reserves the right to cancel the course 14 days prior to the course start date, if the number of registrants is too low. Full refund will be made to these registrants. A 10% discount will be made to any registrant(s) enrolling in the next available course.

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